RIM Touts New Facebook For BlackBerry 10 In This Video

RIM Touts New Facebook For BlackBerry 10 In This Video
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RIM Touts New Facebook For BlackBerry 10 In This Video


Research In Motion had a lot of exciting things to share at the Blackberry Jam Conference from this week. One  exciting announcement they shared, included  an updated Facebook application for Blackberry 10. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next year for both.

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On Tuesday, they showed off a small sampling of what we can expect from the new Facebook app, they also shared a video that highlights the improvements of this new application.


The highlights of this new app include a speedier news feed, drop-down menus, and Timeline profile support. Research In Motion has created their own Blackberry 10 app, whereas Apple and Android have Facebook create the app. Making your own social media apps is beneficial, as it allows you to customize the app to fit your program. The only bad thing here is that RIM designed it. They also took long to develop it, and that’s a real put-off.

Blackberry is failing fast and I don’t think the revamped Blackberry 10 (or new Facebook app) will change that. It’s probably  just a matter of time until RIM shuts their business down, or it’s sold to another company. I predict that they’ll launch the Blackberry 10 sometime in the early part of 2013, and  shortly after that, their stocks will plummet further. What could happen after that remains to be seen. I highly doubt another company will buy RIM, after all who wants to purchase a sinking ship? The company had a few years to step up their game, and so far they haven’t.  While I admire RIM’s tenacity, sometimes you just need to throw in the towel. It’s amazing that RIM even has plans to release the Blackberry 10, considering the huge loss of interest in their products.  Maybe it’s possible that RIM can pull a rabbit out of their hat, but I think it’s a highly unlikely scenario.

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