Microsoft Releases Security Update For Internet Explorer Bug

We reported earlier this week that Microsoft Internet Explorer users may be at risk to hackers. These reports came, following incidents involving several defense contractors, who found that hackers had been targeting their computers through a loophole in the browser. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced that the problem has been resolved through an update, which is available for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Releases Security Update For Internet Explorer Bug

The company had already released a method to repair the issue manually, but many users may have found this to be technically challenging. The update, which was released today, will be a patch that is released with all other Automatic Updates. The company suggests that if you haven’t enabled the Automatic Update feature for Windows, you should do so immediately, as this update is vital to your security. You may also manually select the update from the list of available updates for your version of Windows.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) describes the security issue and the fix for it, in the following statement:

“Today we released Security Update MS12-063 to address limited attacks against a small number of computers through a vulnerability in Internet Explorer versions 9 and earlier.”

While Microsoft downplayed the severity of the breach, and the number of users affected by it, the issue was severe enough to cause the tech giant to a frenzied rush to get a patch for the security leak.

The company is also hosting a webcast at noon PST, in order to help answer an further questions you may have regarding this issue. Following the addition of this update, Internet Explorer 9 is deemed to be perfectly safe to use, once again. Microsoft assures users that the security issue is completely solved, once the update has been installed. So, if you haven’t done so yet, get the update and protect your personal information.