Make An iPhone 5 Dock For Just Over A Dollar [DIY Video]

Make An iPhone 5 Dock For Just Over A Dollar [DIY Video]
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The iPhone 5 comes with a new Lightning dock connector that’s smaller than its 30-pin predecessor. This new dock connector is reversible, which means no irritating jams and you can insert the plug in any way you want.

The problem with the new adapter is that it has a chip that can prevent you from using any third party cables, which means you can’t buy any other inexpensive off-brand dock. Apple has not released any dock for iPhone 5, as of now. So what now?

If you can spare a couple of hours and just a buck, then you can build an iPhone 5 dock. Yes, consider this as a small DIY project for this weekend, that can make your life easy.

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Make An iPhone 5 Dock For Just Over A Dollar [DIY Video]

Casey Neistat, a filmmaker has created this video, which shows how you can make this dock at your home. Neistat set out to build a simple plywood stand using scraps which can be easily found in every home. The total estimated budget for this project is just $1.27.

The filmmaker has explained the entire procedure in this 3-minute clip above. But, if you don’t have the required tools shown in this clip then you may not want to waste your time on this.

You just need to craft the bits of plywood in the shape of a dock, and use  glue and a cable clamp to hold the cord.

This video solves a major problem that iPhone 5 users are facing. Apple could, at any time, release the iPhone 5 dock, but till then, this DIY project can come in handy. Remember, please do not hurt yourself while following this project.

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