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iPhone 5 To Support LTE Around The World

Apple is ready to dominate the world of LTE. According to Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to make the iPhone 5 competitive from the start and that’s why they plan on supporting long term networks (LTE) in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world. Although this feature has yet to be confirmed, most Apple rumors point towards its likely possibility.

LTE has become a network standard. Most cell phone carriers are pushing this technology as it’s faster, more efficient, and offers them an opportunity to charge more for their data services.

It’s predicted that Apple will introduce their iPhone 5 on September 12 and will subsequently release the smartphone on September 21.

Despite high expectations for Apple’s iPhone 5, the company was a little late in adopting the LTE trend. Samsung already adapted some of their smartphones with this technology. In preparation for the arrival of the iPhone 5, carriers are preparing for the expansion.  AT&T recently announced another LTE expansion that will include US cities like Anchorage, Rochester, Jacksonville (FL), Fort Meyers (FL), Wilmington (DE), Northern New Jersey, Tucson, Sacremento, Grand Rapids, Omaha, El Paso, Milwaukee, and many more. Verizon and Sprint are also fully deploying LTE on their networks. No word on if and when Cricket and Verizon are prepping for the iPhone 5. Chances our, they won’t launch Apple’s iPhone 5 until sometime next year because the iPhone 4 and 4S  are still relatively new to their customers.

There is little doubt that LTE is the future and it’s good that Apple is adapting to that sector. It’s important to keep up with up the changing times and technology, Apple knows this and that’s why they’re rolling with the changes.

The iPhone 5 is also reported to feature a slightly longer design with four inch screen, and a smaller nine-inch dock connector.