iPhone 5 Is Top Item On Shopping List For Smartphone Buyers

iPhone 5 Is Top Item On Shopping List For Smartphone Buyers
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TechBargains recently conducted a survey on their website and according to their results, about 74% of iPhone 4 owners plan on upgrading to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Is Top Item On Shopping List For Smartphone Buyers
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The survey also shows that 71 percent of iPhone 3GS owners, and 64% of iPhone 4S owners also plan on making the switch. Moreover, 38 percent of Blackberry owners also plan on making the big switch. 32 percent of people who don’t currently have a smartphone, also plan on purchasing the sixth generation Apple smartphone.

Now in a study for those who plan on purchasing the next iPhone, only 10% plan on waiting in line the day it’s released, whereas 35% will purchase it online shortly after it becomes available. 55 percent still aren’t certain when they will buy it.

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Additional research in the survey indicated the 65% of people plan on purchasing the iPhone 5 just to upgrade from their current phone. Still, 29 percent think that no other phone can compare with the Apple iPhone, and 28 percent just want the latest products.

Now for the results that point out why people want to purchase the iPhone 5 specifically. 93% claim they want a phone with longer battery life, 90% desire a speedier processor, 83% 4G LTE support, and 76% want a phone with a larger screen size.

Yung Trang summarized his survey results, “When it comes to smartphones, Apple’s iPhone remains the leader. What is interesting to note, is the survey indicated that one in five Android owners, and almost 40 percent of BlackBerry owners plan to ditch their current platform for the iPhone. This could be construed as a commentary on consumer dissatisfaction with Android and Blackberry products, or simply a message that the iPhone’s user experience remains unparalleled.”

The iPhone 5 has yet to be confirmed, but it’s predicted that Apple will officially unveil their sixth generation smartphone on September 12, and launch the phone in stores on September 21.

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