iOS 6 Jailbroken In Less Than 24 Hours, But Not For iPhone 5 & 4S

iOS 6 Jailbroken In Less Than 24 Hours, But Not For iPhone 5 & 4S
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Apple has long been noted for its intense security measures, and for its devices security. However, lately, there seems to be a rash of incidents involving Apple products. Recently we reported a leak of 12 million Apple UIDs by the group AntiSec. Now we have a new incident, and this one is not quite as much a surprise.

iOS 6 Jailbroken In Less Than 24 Hours, But Not For iPhone 5 & 4S

Less than 24 hours after iOS 6 was made available, there’s already been a jail break for it. Jailbreaks for iOS are fairly common, and date back to iOS 4, so the fact that iOS 6 has already been the victim of hackers, should be no surprise either.

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The iPhone Dev-Team, who are hackers that target Apple products, but are not employed by Apple, claims to have a created a tethered jailbreak which works with iOS 6, according to The Next Web. However, another report by Redmond Pie, who was the first source to release the reports of the jailbreak, it only works with select Apple devices. The devices listed by Redmond Pie are the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the fourth generation iPod Touch. This leaves most of Apple’s devices out.

The ease of hacking Apple’s iOS systems is somewhat disconcerting. From iOS 4 all the way to the current iOS 6, each of these systems have been hacked in less than 24 hours. Last year was probably the record, as far as how quickly the hackers could jailbreak an iOS system, as they were able to crack iOS 5’s beta in less than 5 hours.

For those who are not familiar with jail breaking, or what it involves, its really not as bad as it sounds. Words like hackers, jail breaking, and cracking the code, give it all somewhat of a negative connotation. Jailbreaking involves opening the app – in this case iOS 6 – up for a little bit of off the record development. The hackers are able to use applications which are not available through Apple’s app store. iOS 6 promises to be the best update to the operating system so far, yet apparently, hackers still see some things to be desired. Or, could it be that man has an insatiable appetite to conquer everything before him, and iOS 6 was just one more world for these conquerors?

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