Hedge Funds: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know [INFOGRAPH]

Hedge Funds: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know [INFOGRAPH]
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New York, NY—September 12, 2012— From Alfred Winslow Jones coining the term “hedged fund” in 1949 to the recent passage of the JOBS Act, Illuminating the World of Hedge Funds, the new infographic released today by PerTrac, provides a top to bottom look at the hedge fund industry for asset management industry professionals as well as the general public.

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Hedge Funds: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know [INFOGRAPH]

“With hedge fund advertising just around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect time to showcase the hedge fund industry from a variety of perspectives,” said Jed Alpert, managing director of global marketing at PerTrac. “Not only does Illuminating the World of Hedge Funds provide an overview of key industry metrics and historical factoids, but it also details common statistics and terms that investors are likely to encounter when allocating to hedge funds.”

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The infographic includes key data points such as:

  • Where the most hedge fund assets are concentrated – the U.S. and the U.K. take top honors
  • How much smaller funds have outperformed larger ones since 1996
  • How much lower the volatility has been for larger funds as compared to smaller funds
  • The most popular fund strategies – long/short equity wins the top spot, accounting for 29% of funds
  • The Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) “Billionaire Club,” those CTAs managing more than $1 billion, hold fully 78.1% of assets invested in these types of funds
  • Why investors should pay attention to tail risk

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