Easily Backup, Flash and Mod Your Android Device With UniFlash

Easily Backup, Flash and Mod Your Android Device With UniFlash

Android has a rich and thriving community, with so many useful apps and developers always trying to come up with something new and useful. As we know, flashing ROMs onto Android device is not that easy process and many people fear to delve in this process. Sometimes things can get tricky when it also involves modding and backing up the device.

XDA Developers forum is one such community where developers frequently come with useful apps and solutions. One such new program for modding, flashing and backup is UniFlash developed by XDA member MihailPro which is a GUI based program for PC users.

UniFlash allows you to flash ROMs, change/remove system applications, install custom apps, wipe data/factory reset, backup and recover phone and can do much more. It appears to do the task of flashing in a painless way.

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Easily Backup, Flash and Mod Your Android Device With UniFlash

This tool is now available for download but since it’s in early stages, we would recommend you to backup your phone first before using this tool.

If you have got HTC Sync, then this tool won’t work. You need to be running Windows XP and above in order to use this tool. Also you will need .NET Framework 4 installed, and of course, with USB debugging enabled.

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Download UniFlash from this link and all other information can be found from this original thread. In case if you’ve stumbled upon a problem, feel free to ask the question at the forums. XDA forum is very active and you will get help within minutes.

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