Use iDroo To Teach Math On Skype

Skype messenger can do much more than just calling on a PC or phone, chatting, and sharing files. With Skype, you can also collaborate and teach. There are many whiteboard apps that help you teach students and collaborate in real time, but here’s a new whiteboard that lets you insert simple and complex mathematical equations with just a click.

Enter IDroo, a free for non-commercial use application, that can help you teach mathematics on Skype, but it can do much more than that. With this app, you can collaborate and enhance those boring online meetings, by using this whiteboard that can be used to present ideas easily and in no time. You can add unlimited participants and it also includes the professional math typing tool for math and science tutors.

Use iDroo To Teach Math On Skype

Everything that you draw or write is visible to all participants in real time, which makes this a superb tool for teaching. Students or participants can ask their questions right there, thanks to the free voice call functionality of Skype.

With the maths typing tool (shortcut key: Q), you can write various complex mathematical formulas easily. Some other tools that this application offers are: freehand writing, line, polygon, bezier, ellipse, rectangle, text, shape, image, etc. You can also make use of the handy “Save” button to save your whiteboard, or you can export or print this whiteboard.

To use IDroo, you must have Skype installed. After installing IDroo, run this application and it will prompt a message as “IDroo wants to use Skype”. Simply click on “Allow access”, and then you can start using this program. Click on the + sign from the participants box to start adding participants.

Everyone who wants to participate will need to install IDroo on their respective PCs, which will need administrative privileges. If you are thinking to use IDroo for commercial use, then you can purchase the educational or business package.

IDroo can run on Windows XP, Vista or 7 (Windows XP requires .NET 3.0 or higher). Get it from below link.

Download IDroo