The iPhone 5 Might Look Like This in Your Hand [IMAGES]

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It seems that everyday we are getting a new report, rendered image, video, or a rumor about Apple’s next generation of iPhone, dubbed as iPhone 5. Apple’s products have always received such hype before release, but iPhone is everyone’s favorite subject as of now, it has become the talk of the town.

For now, we know that iPhone 5 will be having a similar form as that of iPhone 4/4S, but it will be slightly longer in size because of its larger screen. Till now we’ve seen plenty of mockups of this device featuring an aluminum unibody, smaller dock port rather than the 30-pin connector, and a repositioned headphone jack which is now placed at the bottom of the device. The Facetime camera is also centered to provide a more aesthetic appeal to the device.

Mock-ups can be boring to look at, but when we look at a more realistic look of this device, which shows how the device appears in the real world, then this ignites our interest. Simply put, this is how the new iPhone will look like in your hands, thanks to NowhereElse, a French Apple blog.

The iPhone 5 Might Look Like This in Your Hand [IMAGES]

These are renderings based on rumors, which depict how this device might look like in your hand.

The black one looks classy, but the white one also looks good. The aluminum and chrome unibody gives this phone a more attractive look, but opinions may differ about the back of the iPhone.

There’s not many expected “significant changes” that we’ve expected from Apple. It looks like more similar to the current generation, but let’s see what Apple holds in store for us. We’ll wait for the official announcement for more comments.

So which one is your favorite color, is it the black one, or the white one?

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