Survey Shows iPhone 5 Tops iPad Mini As Most Desirable Apple Gadget

Survey Shows iPhone 5 Tops iPad Mini As Most Desirable Apple Gadget

Everyone wants the iPhone 5 to arrive, and apparently they want it more than the rumored iPad Mini.

One website, called CouponCodes4u, recently conducted a survey that asked consumers which they wanted more: an iPad Mini or iPhone 5.  A wide margin of the website’s readers said they wanted the sixth generation iPhone more than a smaller version of the iPad. The survey was answered by 1,900 people, and a whopping 78 percent were in favor of the iPhone. The survey doesn’t represent a “full cross-section” of consumers, 40% of them already own the iPad and  64% of them already own the iPhone. Additionally, almost 40% of the respondents said they would buy the iPad Mini for their kids.

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It’s predicted that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will introduce their iPhone 5 on September 12, and subsequently release the product on September 21.  It’s also predicted that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will introduce the iPad mini around the same time. Neither product has been confirmed although the iPhone 5 is more likely to happen.

I have no doubt that the sixth generation Apple smartphone will arrive in stores sometime next month, or October at the latest. After months of various iPhone related rumors, the only thing Apple has introduced so far is iOS 6, which is most likely to be used for iPhone 5 and the next iPad(s).

If the iPad Mini rumor is true, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will probably end up having their most lucrative holiday season yet. The one downside to releasing an iPad Mini so close to the holiday season, is that they may have to delay iPad 4 until late spring or early summer. Another potential downside is that if people buy the iPad Mini now, they may be less inclined the buy the larger iPad when it comes out. I really doubt releasing a smaller version of their popular tablet will increase their revenue, it might even prove to be a bad move.