Shooter Injures Multiple People Near Texas A&M Campus

There are several people who have reportedly been shot near the Texas A&M campus in College Station, Texas. The victims reportedly include both law enforcement officials, and civilians, according to KLTV News Channel 7.

Shooter Injures Multiple People Near Texas A&M Campus

The shooting occurred around non central time, at the intersection of Fidelity and Highlands Streets, just 2 blocks southeast of the Texas A&M University campus. According to KLTV, the campus security alert system, named Code Maroon Alert, issued an alert around 12:45 pm, saying police officers had the shooter in custody, but encouraged the general public to avoid the area where the shooting took place.

Other news sources in the area reported that the shooter fired from inside a house, using automatic weapons, to deliver his shots. They have also confirmed that police officers were indeed, among the wounded.

We will keep you posted on this situation, as more information arrives.