Ryan Boosts Romney & Prepares For Campaign Against Obama In Iowa

Ryan Boosts Romney & Prepares For Campaign Against Obama In Iowa

Ryan Boosts Romney & Prepares For Campaign Against Obama In IowaIt was a joyful day for Paul Ryan as he took the stage on Sunday. He wiped tears from his eyes as thousands of people cheered him on. According to CBS News, Ryan said, “My veins run with cheese, bratwurst, and a little spotted cow, Leiney’s, and some Miller”. This energetic speech rallied supporters, as the all American boy infused energy into the crowd.

Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate on Saturday, and ever since then the young Ryan, with his movie star looks, and winning smile, has pumped energy into the campaign. He came out and right off the blocks, he fired at Obama, accusing him of being the cause for America being stuck in an economic rut.

His energy seems to have carried over to the older, Mitt Romney, who took his turn blasting at the president, and asking him to focus on the real issues. Romney said, “Mr. President, take your campaign out of the gutter, lets talk about the real issues America faces.” It’s no secret that Obama has been running ads against Romney that border on slander. The accusations that the president has presented against Romney, include failure to pay income taxes, lying to the SEC, and even causing the death of a lady in Missouri. Romney has effectively answered each of the charges, and proven them to be false, yet the ads continue to run.

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As Romney and Ryan hit the trail together, they have drawn overflow crowds at every stop. The younger Paul Ryan has expressed his plans for a radical reform of the budget, which has both Republicans and Democrats raising eyebrows. This plan calls for reforming Medicare, and ending budget cuts in the defense program.

Ryan will have his first opportunity to campaign against the Obama administration alone, beginning today, as he launches a bus tour, which will be crossing the same states as Obama. Iowa will be the first of the states to get a taste of Ryan’s fiery speeches, and charismatic leadership qualities, where he will be taking aim at the presidents shortcomings, and lackluster campaign. As voters attend each of the events the two men are scheduled to speak at, conservatives eagerly await Ryan’s first moves on his own, as liberal voters still wait for Obama to keep his promises.

Ryan offers a new dynamic to the Romney campaign, and his energy and easy smile will go a long way towards uniting the conservatives and drawing the party together. It will be interesting to see what Romney and Ryan do over the next few weeks, as they make their way through the states and greet their constituents. We will al have to wait and see what happens in November, but the weeks leading up to the election will prove to be both eventful, and interesting.

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