Prevent Facebook From Marking Chat Messages As ‘Seen’

You might remember those good old times when we could safely ignore a message on Facebook and we were not forced to reply. But then Facebook rolled out read receipts for Facebook messages and now we are forced to reply. This is an inconvenience for many. Well, not anymore, as here comes a useful extension for Facebook that can turn-off the ‘read-receipts’.

This browser extension is named as “Chat Undetected”, and it’s developed by Crossrider. It enables developers to create cross-browser extensions in minutes.

You’ll need to download the installer and then close all browsers to install it. When done, you’ll be redirected to the thank you page, which means that the extension is installed.

Prevent Facebook From Marking Chat Messages As 'Seen'

Once installed, you can then read a Facebook message and simply ignore it if you don’t feel like replying to it. Note that if you read a message on your mobile device like iPhone, iPad or Android device, then the message will be marked as read. You’ll need to use the Facebook chat from website with this extension installed to make it work. Get it from the link below.

Install Chat Undetected

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