New Images Of iPhone 5 Logic Board And USB Cable Leaked

New Images Of iPhone 5 Logic Board And USB Cable Leaked
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New Images Of iPhone 5 Logic Board And USB Cable Leaked
Source: Pixabay

We’ve got more purported images of iPhone 5 parts. The phone parts in question include a logic board with an internal chip layout and a USB connector with a small dock connector. The first was leaked by, and the second came from, a cable maker. These images were likely leaked to support rumors, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

The first leaked image of the logic board appears to be the same shape as that of a part that was supposedly leaked last week. The image we have now shows the logic board without the shielding, so now we can get a better look at it.  Although the image is kind of blurry, we do see the general layout. Unfortunately, the blurriness of the image makes it hard to see any manufacturing marks or labels.

The component shown in the image looks rather incomplete. It doesn’t have RAM, a processor, or communication chips.

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The second leaked image of the dock connector shows what appears to feature a USB cable that’s significantly smaller, with eight pins on each side. For the past few months, we have heard from various sources that the iPhone 5 was going to come with a much smaller dock connector. Last week, Apple Insider reported that that the sixth generation Apple smartphone was to feature a nine-pin orientation-independent design.

Other recent iPhone 5 rumors we heard include a taller display with the same width, 4G LTE, and the headphone jack on the bottom of the device.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is more than just another smartphone, this gadget could be a make-or-break situation for the world’s most valuable company. Now that Samsung has taken the lead as top smartphone maker, people have higher expectations for Apple. Unfortunately, the rumors we’ve been hearing about the next generation phone haven’t created a lot of fanfare, and many people are disappointed by all the gossip we’ve been hearing about what we might be able to expect from the next phone.

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