Microsoft Replaces ‘Metro Style’ Apps to ‘Modern UI Style’ Apps

Microsoft Replaces 'Metro Style' Apps to 'Modern UI Style' Apps

It seems that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is really confused about its “Metro” branding which the company used for referring to the tile-based design in Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Earlier, it was reported that Microsoft would rename the “Metro-style applications” to “Windows 8 applications” and the “Metro user interface” would be referred to as “Windows 8 user interface.”

Things have changed as of now, as Microsoft has started using “Modern UI Style” to refer to the new Windows 8 Start Screen and “Modern UI” design in reference to Windows 8 apps. Microsoft is making things hard for consumers by not using a single term to describe Windows 8 apps and UI.

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During the development of this operating system, Microsoft has used various names like immersive, modern, fast, and fluid to describe its Windows 8 operating system, but the most common name that the company used was “Metro style”.

The recent listings about upcoming event of Bing Maps, Windows Azure and Windows 8 refer to Modern UI Apps and Modern UI Style App. The recent MSDN post also have references to “Modern UI design.”

As we’re nearing to the launch date of Windows 8, doubts are increasing regarding the name that Microsoft would give to its UI and apps.

We really hope that Microsoft clears all these doubts in the near future and uses one unified name for its Metro Apps and UI.