Leaked iPhone 5 Photos Compare Device To iPhone 4S

Leaked iPhone 5 Photos Compare Device To iPhone 4S
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A new batch of leaked images of the purported iPhone 5, which includes a few that compare the device to the current Apple smartphone model, iPhone 4S.

Leaked iPhone 5 Photos Compare Device To iPhone 4S

Nowhereelse.fr shared a  few photos of the iPhone 5 next to the frontside of the iPhone 4S. Whether they have the real sixth generation smartphone or it’s just a real good mock-up, will remain a mystery for now. Apple has yet to confirm any rumor regarding their most anticipated gadget of the year.

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Other rumors regarding the iPhone 5 include a longer body with slightly longer display, smaller dock connector, LTE capabilities, and 1 GB of RAM.  It was also rumored to have NFC, but that idea has been squashed.

There is really no telling what to expect from the iPhone 5, and unfortunately, these photos don’t seem to indicate anything. Rather, these pictures are often used to support certain rumors.  And while I am sure that some of these rumors have a ring of truth to them, I’m still going to wait until Apple officially unveils the new phone.

It’s expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 5 on September 12, before selling it in stores on September 21. It’s also predicted that Apple will unveil the iPad Mini sometime this fall.

There is no way to predict what Apple plans on doing with the upcoming iPhone, and the fact that Apple has stayed hush the entire time is a pretty good indicator that something unexpected is brewing. It’s especially interesting, since it doesn’t look like Apple is going after anyone over the supposed leaked images of the iPhone 5. Perhaps all the rumors we’ve been hearing are wrong? Only time will tell what will happen next and where the iPhone 5 will go. As I’ve said before, the expectations for Apple are high and I’m sure they’ve got something big in store for everyone.

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