iPhone 5 To Feature Mini Dock Connector With 9 Pins [REPORT]

One of the latest rumors regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 5, involves the dock connector. One current report via AppleInsider indicates that the sixth generation Apple smartphone will feature a nine-pin mini dock connector, a major change from the previous dock connector with thirty pins.

 iPhone 5 To Feature Mini Dock Connector With 9 Pins [REPORT]

The reason for the major design change? Sources report that not only will it take sixty percent less room, but will also enhance I/O connectivity transfer rate,s with just a fraction of the number of electrical contacts compared to predecessors.

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Recently shown images show eight gold contacts in the connector, and it’s repeated on the flip side. It’s reported that they’re joined by the surrounding aluminum-colored metal shell of the connector, that should similarly serve as a functional contact, and bring the number of pins to nine.

One individual source who is knowledgeable on the matter, claims, “The beauty of this connector is that it no longer matters which side is up when you insert it into the phone. It’s like MagSafe on the [MacBook] – every orientation is the correct one.”

Over the last few months, we have heard various rumors regarding the change in size of the dock connector for the iPhone 5.  Reports have claimed the number would drop but the exact number varied from 8, 16, or 19.

This report, just like all the iPhone 5 reports we heard this summer, has yet to be confirmed by Apple and should be taken lightly.

If this rumor is true, and Apple is creating a smaller connector for their next iPhone, it might not fare so well with the public.  Many people don’t like the idea of having to buy brand new accessories that are specifically designed for the new dock connector. Moreover, I think people were and are still expecting more exciting changes from Apple in terms of design and technology. This isn’t to say that Apple’s sixth generation smartphone is set for failure, it’s just to say that most Apple fans have bigger expectations.