iPhone 5 May Feature A Front Glass Panel And Liquid Alloy Metal Case

iPhone 5 May Feature A Front Glass Panel And Liquid Alloy Metal Case

We’ve got another iPhone 5 rumor regarding the design. This new rumor indicates that the sixth generation Apple smartphone may feature a front glass panel.

ETrade Supply recently posted a “leaked” video of the supposed new design (see below).

The screen measures diagonally at 4.065-inch which also supports the current rumor that Apple’s new iPhone will feature a four-inch screen.  It also measures 0.91 millimeters which is roughly about 0.1 millimeters thinner than the current model iPhone 4s. Other indicated changes include the positions of camera hole, receiver hole, and proximity sensor hole.

According to ETrade Supply, this new model features a screen that’s even more scratch resistant than the lens on the iPhone 4s, a unibody metal chassis that could be made from liquidmetal alloy, longer body, thinner design, smaller SIM card tray, headphone jack moved to the bottom, smaller dock connector, and more.

So far, Apple has yet to confirm these or any other rumors regarding their next phone. It’s also highly unlikely that they will talk about the iPhone until the day they make the official announcement. It’s expected that Apple will officially unveil the sixth generation iPhone on September 12, and start selling the actual product on September 21.

The iPhone 5 could be a make it or break it product for Apple. Everyone knows and loves all Apple products, so there is little doubt that their next product release will be a success. Given the current market and Samsung’s top-selling Galaxy S III smartphone, it may be a little harder to impress everyone with their next phone, especially if it doesn’t have any real reason for customers to buy a new smartphone that’s not really all that different.  The good thing is that Apple has remained mum about the situation and hopefully that indicates the company has some real surprises for their fans.

Apple is nothing if not innovative, so I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that Apple has got a few special things they don’t want to release to the public yet. If  their next smartphone fails to impress, hopefully iOS 6 will prove to be a saving grace and inspire people to buy the phone anyway. With impressive features like their in-house 3D maps, it’s easy to see how small things like cool apps can easily make a smartphone seem more desirable.  For now at least, I’m not too worried about the future of Apple’s iPhone.