iPhone 5 Battery Images Leaked As Launch Date Approaches

Everyday, we have a new report about the upcoming iPhone 5, and today is no exception. Our latest report comes from 9to5Mac, which claims that they have the new battery for the sixth generation iPhone.

iPhone 5 Battery Images Leaked As Launch Date Approaches

This new battery has increased from 1,430mAh to 1,440mAh. It also increased in voltage from 3.7 to 3.8, and watts-per-hour, at 5.3wHr to 5.45wHr. It was reported that this battery was manufactured earlier this summer.

The increase in battery size has people wondering if it confirms that the new iPhone will feature 4G LTE and a larger screen, since both features require a substantial amount of power.

It sounds like everyone is hoping for a faster iPhone. Although nothing has been officially confirmed from the Apple camp, it is a real possibility that Apple might actually increase the speed of their next phone with 4G  LTE, especially since they already outfitted their last iPad with it. Not only that, but Apple has been able to find a way to ensure that their LTE doesn’t use up all of their battery life.

Shaw Wu, analyst for Sterne Agree, claimed “Our industry checks indicate Apple has made notable progress in improving battery life that has plagued competitors. This is due to Apple’s ownership of core intellectual property, including systems design, semiconductors, battery chemistry, and software.”

Of all the recent rumors and reports regarding the iPhone 5, this report is easiest for me to believe. Although most of the iPhone rumors are less than exciting, it’s not hard to see why Apple would enhance their phone with features and technology that would increase the speed of their smartphones. With impressive competitor phones on the market from the likes of Samsung, it’s easy to see that sometimes competition can be the best motivator.

It’s predicted that Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 on September 12, and subsequently release the handset on September 21.