iDebstore: Competition for Cydia, Accessible From Desktop And iOS


We’ve seen a number of different installer packages come and go for jailbroken devices, but Cydia is the only one that has managed to be still popular and used by many. In fact, Cydia has become the default package installation method on jailbroken devices. After jailbreaking, people have now started to find the Cydia icon, which is a confirmation that the device is now jailbroken.

Competition is always good for end users, and therefore, if something new is coming up to tackle the popularity of Cydia, then this is a welcome addition. That’s where a new web based alternative to Cydia steps in.

Enter iDebStore, a new online package installer that’s fast and claims to be an alternative to Cydia. It can be accessed from both –  your desktop and your iOS Device. The convenience of downloading packages from the desktop is something that makes this new installer standout from the rest. This is useful when you don’t have WiFi access on your iDevice.

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iDebstore: Competition for Cydia, Accessible From Desktop And iOS

According to the developer, they were inspired to create this new online portal after noticing that Cydia runs too slow. With this new portal, there’s no need for reloading data and waiting a long time.

iDebStore is currently in closed Beta stage, and it offers one thousand apps from repos, such as BigBoss, Macciti, and Modmyi. If you are interested in trying it out, then head over to the official site and click on “Apply for Beta”.

iDebStore works on all iOS versions, and if you are accessing it from a browser, then all popular browsers are supported. The developers are promising that iDebStore will be amazingly fast and you don’t have to wait for “reloading data or anything”. Also users will have the ability to sign-in to their account to access packages, which eliminates the need to take backup of apps.

For now, this new online package installer seems to be promising. But since it’s in closed Beta stage, we could not comment on it further. The million dollar question would be – will users accept iDebStore as a new online alternative to Cydia, or are users prone to see the familiar Cydia icon on their device? Well, let’s wait and watch.

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