How To Use Gmail For Sending Email From Different Addresses

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Gmail is much more than just a typical webmail system, it can be called as a full fledged system with all the features that one can expect in an email client. Some of Gmail’s functionalities are lesser known; for example, one can send messages with another email address listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address. With this feature, you can manage multiple accounts from Gmail’s interface.

Gmail calls this feature “Send mail as”. Here’s how you can send an email from a different address in Gmail:

    1. Login to your Gmail account, click on the “Gear” icon, and then select “Settings”.

How To Use Gmail For Sending Email From Different Addresses

    1. Select the “Accounts and Import” tab (or Accounts tab, if you’re using Google Apps).
    2. Under Send mail as, click “Add another email address you own”.

    1. You can now add your name and an alternative email address that you wish to use. It doesn’t need to be only a Gmail address, it can be any email address. You may also wish to uncheck the “Treat as an alias”, as with this option, people will see your primary email address when you email them from another address.

    1. If you’ve added a Gmail or Google apps email address, then all you need to do is to just click on on the “Send Verification” button. You’ll now get an email on the address that you’ve added and from there, click on the verification link. This is just to ensure that you own this email address.

  1. In case if you’ve added non-Gmail address, then you can provide its SMTP server information, which you can get from other email service provider. And if you’ve selected “Send through Gmail”, then Gmail will send the emails through Gmail’s servers, but recipients will be able to see your primary email address if you select this option.

Once you’ve completed all the steps in this tutorial, go to “Compose”, and from here you’ll be able to select the email address which you want to use for sending an email. Here’s what it looks like:

Go ahead, just select an email address from this drop-down menu and send your email. Now you don’t have to login to your other email address, just to send an email. This trick definitely saves time and effort.

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