comScore: Google Is King Of Video, But Yahoo & Facebook Fall Short

Google King of Online Video Content, Facebook Surpasses Yahoo in Latest comScore Survey

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) remained king of online video content properties in the latest monthly data released by comScore, the leading research firm in the digital technology industry.

comScore: Google Is King Of Video, But Yahoo & Facebook Fall Short

According to the survey, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) captured more than 156 million viewers in July. During the month, online viewers watched approximately 36.9 billion video links, primarily driven by YouTube views. Every Google viewer spent 525 minutes, according to the data.

Following the search giant and king of online video content, in the ranking, was Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) with more than 53 million viewers in July. Facebook viewers watched nearly 327 million online video contents during the month, and spent 21.7 minutes each watching online video contents.

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) ranked third, with more than 48 million viewers. Yahoo viewers watched more than 625 million online video contents, and each viewer spent 70.4 minutes per view.

Although Fcebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) surpassed Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) in terms of the numbers of viewers, but Yahoo’s viewers spent more minutes watching online video contents on its site (70.4 minutes), compared with the social network giant’s 21.7 minutes per viewer. In addition, Yahoo viewers watch more online video contents (625 million+) on its sites, compared with the 327 million online video contents watched by Facebook viewers on its site.

VEVO ranked fourth, with more than 44 million viewers, followed by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), with 42.6 million viewers, and AOL, Inc. (NYSE:AOL) with 39.7 million viewers. The time spent by each viewer watching online video contents for VEVO was 46.1, for Microsoft was 43.9 minutes, while 69.7 minutes for AOL.

comScore: Google Is King Of Video, But Yahoo & Facebook Fall Short

Data from comScore also showed Americans watched 9.6 billion video ads for the month of July. Google captured 1.5 billion video ads followed by Hulu with 1.2 billion video ads. † landed the third spot with 1.1 billion video ads, while SpotXchange Video Ad Marketplace† captured 1.05 billion video ads in July.

The survey also found that 85.5 percent of the Internet audience in the United States watched online videos, and the average duration per online video content is 6.7 minutes. Video ads accounted for 20.7 percent of the total online videos watched by viewers for the month of July.

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