Apple Attorneys Fume Over Samsung Leaking Evidence

Apple Attorneys Fume Over Samsung Leaking Evidence

Apple and Samsung have been having a battle royale in courtrooms around the world.

We have covered the story here at ValueWalk over the last few weeks, and will continue to do so as new evidence arrives.

A major occurrence in the fight between the two tech giants, happened yesterday, when Samsung leaked images of evidence to the press. The emailed images were ordered by Judge Lucy Koh, of the U.S. District Court, to be excluded from the evidence to be displayed to the jury.

Samsung claims the images and testimony leaked to the press through emails, would have proven that they were not guilty of copying the iPhone’s patented design. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) claims that Samsung is playing dirty and is attempting to make jurors aware of evidence the judge has already rejected.

According to CNET, Apple’s attorney, William Lee, addressed the court with a note that said the following:

“Mr. Quinn’s declaration does not address two of the Court’s questions: who drafted the statement, and who released it,” Lee wrote. “Samsung’s multiple references to the jury in its statement make plain its intent that the jurors in our case learn of arguments the Court has excluded through the press.”

Because of this, Lee claims that Apple may file an “emergency motion for sanctions” against Samsung.

John Quinn, Samsung’s lead attorney for the case, claims that they were neither unethical, nor unlawful in releasing the evidence. According to Apple Insider, his statement said “the United States Court is a public institution, and the workings of litigation must be open to public view.”

The evidence in question consists of slides of a former Apple designer’s deposition regarding a Sony Styled iPhone, as well as including a statement which Samsung claims would have proven their innocence. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has repeatedly accused Samsung of copying their design for the iPhone.

As these two corporate giants continue to wage war in the court room, investors continue to hold their breath on Wall Street. Which one will win, and which one will be sent home to redesign? Only time will tell, as in the mean time Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to be gearing up to launch it’s new iPhone 5 and their latest iPad, this fall.