Wikileaks Revealing Syria’s Secret Information from Millions of Emails

Wikileaks Revealing Syria’s Secret Information from Millions of Emails
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Wikileaks Revealing Syria's Secret Information from Millions of Emails
Today, the internet was taken by storm when WikiLeaks posted some reports on the conditions of Syria.  While these reports are unconfirmed, they do give some insight into the ailing country.

According to the Guardian, one of reports stated that Brigadier General Manaf Tlass of the Republican Guard and his son, former defense minister, Mustafa Tlass, have fled to Turkey.  A website that is based in Damascus claims that this is true and if it is, this is a major loss for President Assad.  Another report out of Turkey said that the government was able to find the two bodies of the pilots that were shot down by Syria a few weeks ago.

WikiLeaks has said that they have found more than two million emails that involves Assad and his regime.  The whistleblower site says the emails are from August 2006 to March 2012.  This could be a great chance for the world to truly understand what has been happening in Syria and whether or not Assad is as innocent as he claims.

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These reports could add fuel to NATO’s fire which could result in military action against Syria.  However, this is not recommended, especially for the US.  We are still in Afghanistan and just got out of Iraq, relations with Iran continue to falter and could result in another war if we are not careful.  On top of all this, our deficit and our economy are not is very good shape right now.  Starting on another front is not what this country needs right now.  Our military has already taken a beating from these wars, not to mention the cost of American lives as well.

That being said, if these reports out of Syria or true, Assad and his regime were just handed a loss.  Losing a top general in Syria’s Republican Guard will certainly hurt the government’s attack against rebel forces.  Not to mention, Turkey is still pondering a retaliation attack on Syria for shooting down Turkish warplanes a few weeks back.

What I am suggesting is that these leaks could be what finally fuels the West to act on the atrocities that are happening in Syria.  At the very least, increase sanctions and hurting Syria without using military.

The bottom line here is that these reports will have lots of important details in them which will surely be analyzed by Western intelligence agencies.  After that, we will be able to see the West’s response now that they have hard evidence.

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