Verizon Hints On iPhone 5 Release Date

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Verizon Hints On iPhone 5 Release Date

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) CFO Fran Shammo dropped hints today regarding the release of Apple’s iPhone5. These comments were made during the company’s quarterly conference call, and were vaguely referenced with a major phone carrier.

The new iPhone5 is believed to have a whole new design, including a larger display screen, an elongated body, and the ability to utilize the lightning fast 4G LTE network. Rumors have been circulating over the last few days and weeks, suggesting a fall launch might be in order. Fran Shammo’s comments only seem to give these rumors credibility.

The iPhone continue to be the top dog in the smartphone world, at least as far as sales are concerned. Verizon sold 2.7 million iPhones last quarter, while it’s Android based phones from multiple manufacturers totaled only 2.9 million units.

Apple has kept quiet regarding the timing of iPhone5’s release, thought they may well move in October, as rumors seem to suggest, and as they did on the iPhone  4S last fall. This phone continues to be the most looked forward to device on the smartphone market this year, and nearly every technincal website on the web is writing about it. The rumors continue to grow, as does the anticipation, but we will all just have to wait and see. I guarantee that the iPhone5 will be a giant success, after all Apple never fails to impress us with their new devices.

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