Know More About Trending Topics on Twitter with ShowMeTrend

Trending topics is what most people like to dig on Twitter. The new “Discover” section makes it easy for us to find new and interesting content but the trending topics section is what many people constantly keep an eye on, be it for some stupid hashtag game, boring news, or a global phenomena.

Many people participate on these trending topics by using the same hashtag. These trending topics are sometimes fun to look at. For example, the current trending topic is #ImThatGirlfriend.

But have you ever wanted to know more about any particular trending topic? ShowMeTrend is such a powerful web app that lets you delve deeper on trending topics. This web app displays links and stories that are associated with trending topics.

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Know More About Trending Topics on Twitter with ShowMeTrend

All you need to do is to just head over to ShowMeTrend and then it will display recent Twitter trending topics. These topics are trending worldwide but if you want to see a trending topic for a particular country, then you can select the country from the left sidebar and also select a date and time.

With this tool, you can know about trending topics from any past day. This is useful for those who think that they have missed trending topics from that day or may be just view those topics out of curiosity. The date picker lets you select past months from the calendar and from Time section, you can also enter exact time of the day.

It seems that this tool has been integrated with Google news. It fetches latest information from Google news and combines it with trending topics. However, there are some minor hiccups for example, for some topics, the tool cannot display any news and links, may be just because it cannot find anything useful from Google.

If you would like to know what happened a day, a week or a month ago and what was trending at that time, then this is the tool you’ve been looking for.

If this seems interesting then head over to ShowMeTrend from the below link:

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