Jim Grant Likes $BK and $GOOG (and Trees, Seriously)

Jim Grant, “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer,” shares his final thoughts on why he thinks Google and the Blackstone Group are good investment bets.

Video Below:

H/T Value Investing World

some quick final thoughts from our guest host today, jim grant. you see some pretty good things to like when it comes to stock. yes, for one, google. which is kind of the considering could be argued as the most valuable company in the world that possesses the keys to the world of knowledge. i like the blackstone group. bx. which is in the private equitybusiness and in the debt salvage business. it’s priced for things as they are and not as things as well they might be.okay. we may have time for one more. i like trees. the black walnut trees, costs 5 bucks to plant. minimum of sup vision by adult, in 30 years, you’ll have a nice piece of wood that could fetch $1,000. jim grant, thank you for being here.