Yet Another Rumor: iPhone 5 May Release on August 7

Yet Another Rumor: iPhone 5 May Release on August 7

Apple’s next generation of iPhone seems to be getting a new rumor everyday. There are several speculations related to release date of iPhone 5, and now we have a new rumor that iPhone 5 will be announced on August 7, according to KnowYourMobile.

Yesterday we’ve reported that iPhone 5 is available for pre-order on Chinese e-commerce sites at a whopping price of $1349. Of course the sellers could not mention its exact tech specs, image or delivery time as of now.

KnowYourMobile announces that their anonymous reliable industry source have revealed that iPhone 5 would be launced via a keynote speech on August 7. They further add that release date have been brought forward from October to August.

For now it seems that someone may be just playing with the press by announcing various rumors, or the claim can be really true. We really hope that their so-called “reliable” sources are really reliable. Whatever it may be, we need to wait just 26 more days to know if there is really a new iPhone coming at this date or not.

iPhone 5 will most likely come with 4-inch screen, quad-core processor, metal back, 4G LTE and it will be coming with significant redesign, one that has never happened after the release of iPhone 4. We can also expect the new device to come with iOS 6, Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

There is no official word from Apple yet. Also there’s a rumor that Apple will also announce iPad Mini at the same event. Let’s just assume that only Tim Cook and his inner circle knows the real truth about the next keynote.

Well, for now let’s keep our fingers crossed. We will keep you informed when Apple officially announces anything about the keynote event.