iPhone 5 Production in China Begins [REPORT]

iPhone 5 Production in China Begins [REPORT]
Source: Pixabay

The  industry sources of DigiTimes, in Taiwan, claim that the production, of the highly anticipated iPhone 5, is underway in the Shanghai unit of Apple industry partner Pegatron. Digitimes has been a source of numerous news bits related to tech and gadgets, which are not always true, but do come close to reality at times. Pegatron is a Taiwanese electronic company, and is known for manufacturing notebooks, desktops, peripheral devices, motherboards, and smartphones.

DigiTimes reveals that:

“Pegatron has reportedly become the second OEM maker of a new version of iPad, with shipments in the third quarter expected to reach a few million units, the sources indicated.”

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The Taiwanese company is expecting a decline in revenues, due to a decrease in ODM shipments of notebooks,  these new orders for iPhones, will supposedly make up for the losses that Pegatron will suffer in the laptop business.

These fresh rumors about iPhone production are in line with the previous reports, which cited reliable Chinese sources, and claimed that production has begun in China. The news originated from the Macotakara (a Japanese Apple blog), that has a reliable record of reporting accurate release dates for  iPhone 4S and iPad 3.  By previous observations, the Apple gadgets will be on the market approximately two months after the production cycle begins, therefore it is likely that iPhone 5 will hit the shelves around September to October, . We already mentioned that Chinese online retailers had started taking pre-orders for iPhone 5, well before any official launch date or product specifications were released. The new iPhone 5 will supposedly have a ‘partial glass design’ in its aluminum back panel.

Since Apple has been delaying the release date of iPhone 5, and is keeping all official news about the latest model’s specs strictly locked, the buyers have either halted or delayed purchase of Apple products, this might lead to decreased revenue in the third quarter. People have been waiting for the new product to arrive, amid a flood of speculations and rumors. The term iPhone 5 pops up on Twitter every 11 seconds, Bloomberg reports. The tech giant might see a slight decrease in revenue, but there is no doubt that the latest iPhone will be the best model in the category of smartphones. Some confirmed news bits about iPhone 5, are its slimmer build, slightly larger screen, and a processor and operating system that is equipped run with the faster evolution wireless networks of Verizon Communication Inc. (NYSE:VZ) and AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T).