iPhone 5: Here Are Some More Leaked Images

If iPad Mini rumors were not all, then now we have rumored images of iPhone 5 (yet again). In these past couple of days we have talked much about Apple’s next generation of iPhone and a smaller iPad termed as iPad Mini and now we have some iPhone 5 leaked photos courtesy of KitGuru.

The rumor mill of iPhone 5 indicates a longer form factor, quad-core processor, larger screen (closer to 4-inch), smaller dock connector and a re-positioned headphone jack.

KitGuru claims that they have operatives across the globe. They spotted this phone from Far East and claims to be a pre-release test sample which will be cleaned up for retail release.

iPhone 5: Here Are Some More Leaked Images

They further add more information about the larger screen size. We already know that rivals such as Samsung don’t mind offering a really big screen area (remember the Galaxy Note), but Apple won’t follow their lead. Steve Jobs always wanted to keep a clear distinction between tablet and phone and therefore iPhone 5 is bigger – but not by much. Plus, iOS limits what Apple can do in terms of size because of ’1x’ and ’2x’ nature of its app sizes.

The images clearly depict that this new phone is thinner than current generation, smaller dock connector and taller design is also evident from these photos.

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