In-App Mobile Ad Spending Will Reach $7B Within 3 Years [Juniper]

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In-App Mobile Ad Spending Will Reach $7B Within 3 Years [Juniper]

The numbers don’t lie: ad revenue from in-app mobile ads is big money. That’s why Juniper Research recently conducted research for a report that predicts companies will spend $7.1 billion on advertising within mobile apps by 2015 and that number is expected to triple by 2017.

Advertisers know that the usage of tablet computers and smartphones will continue to grow, that’s why it’s important to understand the current trends in mobile advertising. Right now the most popular mobile applications are designed for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Advertisers have to get creative when designing ad units that engage the user. It’s about making the user feel like they’re not clicking on ads.

This report from Juniper Research also shows that most of the mobile advertising will come from North American and Western Europe.

The author of the report, Charlotte Miller, talks about why it’s important that advertisers utilize their ads a certain way, “Creating immersive and entertaining experiences to attract the attention of the consumer is essential for marketers wanting to take advantage of the massive increase in app usage.”

Thanks to modern media, advertising has gotten more and more sophisticated over the years. And with help from companies like Juniper Research, it’s easier for advertising agencies to find their audience and customize advertising that targets those needs. It’s more than just numbers, it’s about the psychology behind what works and what doesn’t. In order to create a successful advertising campaign, you need to figure out the needs of the customer and how the product can fulfill that need. Savvy advertisers understand this and that’s why they create ad campaigns that work.  In a world that’s saturated by media and advertisements, it’s crucial to create advertisements that not only catch the viewer’s eye but also captures their attention.



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