How to Search Text Faster on a Webpage, Without Using Ctrl+F

If you want to search for a particular text from a web page, then you can do that by using Ctrl + F, and this shortcut works on every popular browser, be it Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. You just need to hit this shortcut key and start typing the text that you want to search from the web page. But how about an easy solution which allows you to search faster, without pressing the Ctrl+F shortcut key. Yes, its possible and saves you time and effort.

Search Text Faster, Without Ctrl+F

This trick will only work in Mozilla Firefox and not in any other browser. After activating this quick search feature, all you need to do is to just type the search term and Firefox will find that term from the web page, no need to press Ctrl+F. With this feature, we can skip the step to invoke the search bar.

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Press Alt on your Keyboard and then go to Tools -> Options.
  3. In this Options window, click on Advanced tab from the top.
  4. There are four sub-tabs in this section. Click on General tab.
  5. In the Accessibility section under the this General tab, you’ll find an option to Search for text when I start typing. Just check mark this option to enable it. Finally click on OK.

How to Search Text Faster on a Webpage, Without Using Ctrl+F

That’s all you need to do. Now you can test out this feature by typing some keywords and Firefox will find them for you. There’s no need to press Ctrl + F anymore.

Now that’s really a neat feature that Firefox offers, which not only also saves the effort to press the shortcut key but also lets you to search faster.

If you want to search using the traditional way, then you can just go back and uncheck this option.