How to Gain Tons of Real Followers on Twitter

How to Gain Tons of Real Followers on Twitter
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Earlier this January, published an infographic [] with an assortment of statistics on social media. Apparently, 34% of marketers have generated leads, and 20% of them closed deals using Twitter. Over 55% of these users access Twitter through their mobile devices. There are a whopping 100 million active Twitter users.

 How to Gain Tons of Real Followers on Twitter

One thing is clear today: Social media isn’t for selling; it’s for connecting. Social media might help you generate leads, make long lasting connections, build your network, and help you to connect with anyone you want. Of course, some deals go through, some sales happen, some projects come about, and plenty of opportunities surface. Yet, it’s not for selling; it’s not for the “rushed hustle”.

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Social media is, well…social. That’s what it is. It’s to meet new people, say sweet things to them, make them happy, they make you happy, happiness spreads, and it’s one huge community. It’s all about giving, sharing, helping, contributing, responding, spreading love, and injecting humor. Being on Social Media is what you’d do at your buddy’s weekend party, except that it’s virtual. With Twitter, it’s also faceless, blind, stream-talk.

I’d be insulting your intelligence if I mentioned anything about “filling up your profile”, for instance. I won’t be talking about the basics of Twitter – that, I presume that you do know and must have read enough by now. This guide focuses on how to get more followers – followers who read your Tweets, Retweet for you, click on your links, and love you for who you are.

Remember that Twitter is for social Interactions

No, your Twitter account is not to “pitch, “pimp”, and “sell” – social media, as mentioned before, is for socializing. Get out there and try to connect with as many people as you can. Consider this: you could reach out to anyone and connect, how valuable is that? Share information, ask questions, make comments, promote someone else, and talk about stuff that matters (related to your niche, of course). Get generous with honorable mentions, interact with others, engage with your own network while it grows, and finally let the world benefit from your altruistic presence on Twitter.

 Use Tools to make your life easier, save time, and achieve more [],Justunfollow [], BufferApp [], SocialOomph [] , and Bottlenose  [], are just a few of the many web-based tools for you to use, when spending time trying to make Twitter work for you. Some of these tools make it to the top 10 lists of tools experts suggest []. You also have Twitter specific databases, such as, where you can find many more Twitter users (across industries and niches) you can connect with.

 Time Your Tweets throughout the day

One of the most easily overlooked mistakes most businesses (and individuals do) is to “overtweet” – sending way too many posts within a short span of time or literally flooding the twitter stream will literally lead many to “unfollow” you. Even if you just have one hour per day to be on twitter, you can still time your tweets such that they spread out throughout the day by using a free tool (there are many more, of course) called Social Oomph. Read this review on for more information.

 Do one crazy thing per day

Since Twitter is way too populated for ordinary mortals, you have to learn to do something crazy everyday. Put out a Tweet that calls in people (and grabs their attention) and say something nice. Perhaps, you could even call in companies and say something about them (always make sure you use hashtags  (#webdesign) and their name handles @adobecreativecloud). Again, it’s important that you be yourself; justify your opinions using facts; and talk from experience, etc.

 Give away stuff

 This is where work goes in – the rather magnanimous nature of content publishing, as a matter of fact. Write out short reports; give away premium memberships of your web-based tool, or giveaway anything of value to your followers, at random. Additionally, instead of just writing out an automated Direct Message, which goes like,

Thanks for following me”, you could say,

It’s an honor to have you follow me. As a token of appreciation, please download this free report”.

Alternatively, if you have a WordPress blog, you may use a plugin like Tweet and Get it (which also grows your network overnight).

See you on Twitter. Follow us on @valuewalk and we’ll learn from each other.

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