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David Einhorn Competes in World Series of Poker, Comes in Third Place

David Einhorn, famous investment manager, is competing in the World Series of Poker. Einhorn is the CEO of Greenlight Capital a value oriented hedge fund. He is known as one of the best short sellers ever.  If Einhorn mentions something remotely negative about a stock, it plunges double digits. However, Einhorn has some another great talent/hobby.

He is a master poker player.

Einhorn is competing at the World Series of Poker Championship in Las Vegas.  The game is Texas holdem, no limit, and there are 48 entrants. The tournament began on Sunday ends tonight.

Einhorn had a strong showing, finishing in  3rd place. His total earnings were $4,352,000, all of which will go to the nonprofit organization, charity City Year.

William Alden of The New York Times quotes a spokesperson for David Einhorn Jonathan Doorely states, “David believes that to solve the education crisis, public schools have to succeed through creative and proven initiatives,”  Doorley further states, “City Year is at the forefront of making needed improvements within the education system.”

In 2006, Einhorn finished in 18th place in the tournament.  This was the first time he played since 2006, when he won $600,000.

Below is a tweet from the official twitter account of the World Series of Poker, announcing Einhorn’s finish:

Einhorn lost on hand #69. Einhorn went all in with a king and nine off suit versus Antonio Esfandiari’s  King and ten off suit. The flop fell 9, 10 and 6 all off suit. Both players had a pair. The turn and the river did not help either player. However, Esfandiari’s pair of tens beat Einhorn’s pair of 9s. Below is a screenshot of the hand from WSOP.com

David Einhorn Competes in World Series of Poker, Comes in Third Place

A Picture from the World Series of Poker twitter account shows Einhorn in the middle, with a white cap and red jacket.

According to the same article in the New York Times:

 The jacket, which is embroidered with Mr. Einhorn’s name, is considered the charity’s highest honor for a member outside its corps group of workers. Previous recipients of a City Year jacket include Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton and John McCain.

Einhorn has been tweeting about the Poker  on his own personal twitter account. He is known to be more open than most large hedge fund managers. The only person David follows on Twitter is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Greenlight Capital, Daniel Roitman.

The last tweet from the account before Einhorn finished in third place was:

Einhorn seems to have gained many fans on twitter and overall since the tournament began. His twitter account went from a few people to nearly four thousand since the championship started.

After the loss was announced, fans of Einhorn sent the legendary hedge fund manager and poker player, tweets. Below are a couple:


The prize for the $18 million jackpot is now being fought over by the two remaining players; Antonio Esfandiari and Sam Trickett.