Could India Be Apple’s Global Stamp Of Success?

 Could India Be Apple's Global Stamp Of Success?

There is little doubt that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the world’s popular technology companies. After all, what other company can boast a top selling smartphone and tablet computer?

Despite worldwide success, if one was to take a closer look at the company’s relations with each different country, it would be interesting to see how these relations could affect the company in the long run. Here are some interesting reports and data about Apple’s relations with two of the world’s most important countries and customer bases: China and India.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) lawsuit with Proview ended earlier this month, and the world’s most valuable company had to cough up a small fortune just to use the iPad name in China. In one week, they will release iPad 3 to the Chinese public for the first time. While it’s great that China is finally going to experience Apple’s latest tablet, this significant delay could indicate a shaky future for Apple in China despite their significant climb in sales.

This won’t be the last time Apple faces troubles in China. There is another company filing suit against them over their personal voice assistant Siri and yet another competitor challenging Apple’s rights to sell their  Snow Leopard software, all over a trademark claim.  What is the culprit behind all these legal troubles? Some experts say it’s because it’s unclear how China will deal with these commercial disputes.

Perhaps Apple will fair better in India, another highly populated Asian country that’s clearly embracing Apple, while rejecting their top competitor Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ:RIMM). India’s technology consumers are gradually using mobile phones more to access and utilize popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter. According to  a recent report from Mini Joseph Tejaswi for Times of India, more people are using their smartphones in everyday activities. They shared the results from a Norton survey that reported interesting facts about the habits of Indians’ usage of mobile phones. This report indicated that 72% of Indians owned a smartphone, and 48% of them use their phones to access the internet. These numbers will most likely grow over the next few years.

Although it’s predicted that Samsung will trump Apple during Q2 as best-selling phone maker, it’s only a matter of time that Apple regains their top spot once they release iPhone 5 sometime in the fall.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is an American company, which means they’re  based on western ideals, not exactly a match for China’s eastern ideals, although most of the country has thoroughly embraced the company and their products. Although it’s not recommended that Apple completely abandon the Chinese market, maybe they should put more focus on the expanding market in India.

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