Apple To Unveil iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on Sept 12 [REPORTS]

Apple To Unveil iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on Sept 12 [REPORTS]
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Apple To Unveil iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on Sept 12 [REPORTS]
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Although it was speculated for a long time that Apple was going to release their highly-anticipated iPhone 5 in October, most rumors now indicate it will arrive a month earlier. What’s more, is that Apple’s iPad Mini is geared to arrive sometime in September, too.

Unnamed sources told iMore that Apple will first introduce the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini on September 12. The sixth generation Apple smartphone will debut in stores on September 21st. No word on when the rumored iPad Mini will be released, or even if such a product does exist.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 4 on October fourth, and subsequently released it ten days after.

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The iPad Mini is reported to behave the same size at 9.7 inches only on a seven inch scale. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of information about what we can expect from the iPad Mini, which makes us wonder if really such a product is actually brewing out there. It is also rumored that the two popular Apple MP3 players the iPod Nano and iPod Touch will also be introduced.

The iPhone 5 is reported to feature a four-inch/16:9 inch screen, and a smaller dock connector. Nothing new or very exciting.

Both rumored devices will run on iOS 6 which will have a few interesting features such as:

Apple’s in-house three-dimensional map application

VIP Inbox, which allows you to keep all your most important emails and contacts in one place

Do Not Disturb feature which allows you to prevent annoying application alerts while still receiving phone calls and text messages

Facebook integration

A Privacy Tab feature that lets you find out which mobile applications and games are accessing personal data, and more.

If anything, it’s iOS 6 that will be the saving grace for the iPhone 5.

The good news is that you won’t have to upgrade your iPhone 4s contract to access the new features. Apple will offer free upgrades to existing iPhone users.

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