Apple To Launch New Retina Display iMac In October

Apple To Launch New Retina Display iMac In October

Apple is gearing up to launch their next generation iMac in October. Digitimes reports from one unnamed source that production for the new all-in-one computer will begin this month.

The computer is rumored to feature retina display but if this rumor turns out to be true, there’s a big possibility that the price of the iMac will go up. The company’s high-resolution screens cost more than the full HD panels which Windows provides on their personal computers. In the end, this upgrade could give Apple what they need to compete with Windows.

The same report also said that the upgraded iMac and Mac Pro could arrive in 2013. Just last month, Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook responded to naysayers by confirming an updated Mac Pro desktop that’s supposed to be released sometime next year.

The Apple iMac all-in-one computer had estimated sales of 1.22 million units within the first quarter of this year alone. The entire iMac lineup is available in screen sizes 21.5 inches and 27 inches. The last major update for this lineup was in May 2011 in which the computer was upgraded with quad-core Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports.

It’s important to remind Apple fans that this rumor may or may not be true. David Pogue from the New York Times reported that one Apple executive echoed Cook and said the computer probably won’t arrive in stores until 2013.

I admit that it would be nice if Apple released the new iMac in October but I think their main focus this fall will be the iPhone 5. The company only has so much money and time to spend on promoting a product that it just wouldn’t make sense to release two popular products at the same time. When Apple does release the next iMac generation, it should be interesting to see how they fair against Microsoft’s upgraded Windows 8.