Apple Maps May Come To OS X

Apple Maps May Come To OS X

Apple’s new in-house mapping application may come to OS X in the near future.  We already know their new app will be featured in the upcoming iOS 6 later this fall but one developer (Cody Cooper) recently discovered an XML file that had a reference to disable the shading on a set of Intel based graphics chipsets which are obviously not supported by iOS devices.  Apparently, these references indicate Apple’s plans to bring their maps to their personal computers.

It was just one month ago that Apple first introduced their maps program at their WorldWide Developers Conference. This super cool new application features real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation, Yelp integration, Siri support, and three dimensional flyovers available in select locations.

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Apple’s new mapping application is another exciting expansion for the company and it’s also a way for them to shake off their dependence from Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). For the longest time, Apple used Google maps in their iOS programs but it now it appears that the world’s most valuable company is ready to break free from their top competitor.

Interesting enough, Google introduced their upcoming 3D maps prior to Apple’s map introduction at their WWDC.  It should be interesting to see how these maps fair.

Modern technology has brought us a lot of advancements and three dimensional apps is just on step. I’m not too sure why 3D maps are better than regular maps, especially since your traditional one-dimensional map has been serving humankind well for a long time. I guess technology companies need to come up with a new gimmick to make their upgraded smartphones and tablets more appealing.  Moreover, I wonder why Apple would create 3D map applications for their Mac computer lineup? I mean, it’s great that they’re making significant improvements to all their products, I just don’t see how the average computer user would find these maps useful if they’re using their computer in a stationary location. But Apple is a smart company and I will trust their judgement on this one if the rumor is true.

As we edge closer to October, which is the month Apple will release iOS 6 and, most likely, the iPhone 5.  The closer we get to the date, the more likely we are to hear about the iPhone 5 and related information. Apple is successful for many reasons but one their biggest reasons is probably due to the fact they keep their fans on their toes. You never know what to expect with Apple and that’s appealing.