Apple (AAPL)’s New Text Service

Apple (AAPL)'s New Text Service


Following the technical glitches that faced Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s online store last night, the tech heavyweight has pushed forward with a few new advancements. One notable overhaul to the service is the implementation of a text message notification system that is geared towards continuously notifying customers on the status of their orders.

This new service compliments the already existing email based service that is used by customers in Apple’s global market. Though the new text message service is currently confined to America and Canada, there are expectations that the service may stretch beyond these two countries and extend to other potential markets.

Apple pointed out that the service would be available as an option during the typical checkout service, remarking however, that it was reserved for selected carriers. Some of the big carriers that made the list include Verizon (NYSE: VZ), AT&T (NYSE: T), and Sprint (NYSE: S) among others.

Apple’s website gives a comprehensive guide on how to use the service. It would be in order to highlight some of the key points that Apple notes in its website.

How the service works

Like most text message based systems, the service sends you regular text messages that give you up to date information on the status of your order. Apple sends you a message when you make an order, and when the order is available for shipment. In addition to that, the text message narrows down to specific details, like your order number, and the link to your online order status. To cut through the barriers presented by time zone, the service pegs down to timeframes particular to the customer’s time zone. This means that regardless of time zone you will be able to get the messages within the specified time of 0800hours and 2100 hours.

It is possible to stop the service at your own liking by simply replying ‘STOP’.

Similarly, customers can get assistance if they need further guidance. This has been furnished through a help service that is accessible by sending the word ‘HELP’ to 83372.

It should also be noted that if a customer owns an iDevice, the updates will stream in as iMessages.

Apple’s online store has been in use for quite some time now, and basically helps customers to get their hands on selected goods, without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. This new advancement adds to the already existing satisfaction extended by the online stores, and in my opinion allows the online store service to cast its net over a wider market.