WWDC 2012: Here Are Apple Design Award Winners

WWDC 2012: Here Are Apple Design Award Winners

Mac winners were the highlights

Apple’s 2012 WWDC conference started with a lot of promise in terms of announcements. However, when it came to announcing the winners, I bet not many people expected the gamers to carry the day. The winners list was dominated by games including Limbo and Deus Ex, which claimed the available spots in the Mac ADA’s  while the drawing app, Sketch, which was the only non game app to feature in the Mac category.

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This came at such a surprise given that the category is not unique with games according to past awards. These two games were coined in the gaming industry on Xbox and windows, and now have taken all the odds in Mac.

The iPad winners

Paper: Created by 53 Inc., lets you capture all your ideas including diagrams, sketches, images and drawings, which you can then share freely on the web.

Bobo Explores Light: created by game college LLC, this app lets you hold a whole science museum of your own within your hands, though it is recommended for K4-12.

DM1 – The Drum Machine: this one is from Fingerlab, and it is like a synchronized drum beating machine within your iPad. it is loaded with 64 superb electronic drum kits along with hyper realistic graphics display.

iPhone Winners

Where’s my Water: This is an amazing app from Disney and introduces 20 new, classic, levels fully unlocked and ready for the players.

Jetpack Joyride: This game is from the creators of Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick Studios and promises a whole new paradigm in the gaming world. No doubt it had to be there, and surely will be available in the new retina display graphics.

National Parks by National Geographic:  is an interactive guide to national parks helps the user identify custom tourism sites, by the touch of your apple screen. The app was created by the National Geographic Society app developers.

Other winners came from the students category which include DaWindci for iPad created by Reality Twist GmbH, a puzzle. Also, another winner featured in this unique category was Little Star for iPads, created by BiBoBox studio and is a stunning, interactive book.