Want to Add Ethernet Port to your MacBook Air? Here’s The Easy Way

If you’ve bought MacBook Air without looking at its technical specs, then you’ll soon come to know that the new thin and shiny device doesn’t have an RJ45 (Ethernet) slot. This is a wireless-only device.

You need to pay the price for being so thin, by sacrificing Ethernet port and optical drive. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, then this can create problem in connecting to the internet. There are still some places such as libraries, cafes or your home that may require you to connect MacBook Air via Ethernet connection only.

Fortunately, there’s a cheap solution to this problem. The only thing you need to buy is a USB to Ethernet adapter. This adapter can be bought from Apple’s online store for $29, but you can also get it from other stores such as Amazon, Monoprice, etc. for just $7. For example, this model from monoprice costs just $6.64.

Want to Add Ethernet Port to your MacBook Air? Here's The Easy Way

Using this adapter is very easy. Just plug it in your USB port and plug the other end to the Ethernet cable.

When buying, just keep in mind that some adapters require you to install the drivers from the CD that’s included in the package. There are also some adapters that don’t require any driver installation and work right away.

Also note that this adapter will give maximum speed of 100Mbps and that’s because the nature of USB 2.0. This can be a good addition to keep it in your toolkit in case when there is no Wireless connection available.