Verizon To Offer ‘Share Everything’ Plan in The Near Future

Verizon To Offer 'Share Everything' Plan in The Near Future

Later on this month, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is poised to offer new plans for customers. The plans are aptly titled “Share Everything” and are designed to allow users to literally share everything including minutes, texts, and data. These plans may be ideal for families who would like to pool everything together in hopes to save more money.

Tami Erwin, the director of marketing for Verizon, stated that the company wanted to allow their customers to have the ability to connect their devices to the internet anytime and anywhere. Each plan is priced using two different factors: the number/type of devices a person or family has and the amount of data they want to use. Prices per device start at $10 for each tablet and $40 for each smartphone but data prices starts start higher $50 for 1GB.

The price changes will officially go into effect on June 28th. The reason that prompted the change? Verizon started paying close attention to the changes in customer usage patterns. They noticed that customers used used calling and texting features less in favor for mobile applications that allowed them to make phone calls and send text messages. Such popular apps include Skype and iMessage.

Current customers can keep their current plans now as they wish but it will be the only option for new customers when the change takes effect.

I think this is a rather poor move on Verizon’s behalf. While I understand why they wanted to change the current data plans to something more profitable for them but I’m afraid these changes might deter future customers from signing up with Verizon. The cheapest deal is $50, and while is covers unlimited voice and text, it only allows room for one 1GB of shared data. The entire concept of shared data should allow more leeway for data usage and in these tough economic times, I really doubt most people would be willing to fork over $100 for just 10GB of data usage that was meant to be split between four people.

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