Use Facebook, Twitter and Other Apps Right From Email via PowerInbox

Usually we get email notifications from social networks whenever someone post on wall, likes a post, comments, and do more on Facebook, and those on Twitter; also get email notifications whenever someone starts following or sends a direct message. To view these notifications, you have to click on the link from email and then reply to wall post, comment or do more. However users mostly delete these email notifications after viewing them. If you ever wanted to do more from your boring emails, then here comes a powerful extension that supercharges your email.

Enter PowerInbox, a browser extension that adds various powerful tools to your email inbox. This extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, IE, RockMelt, Safari and Outlook. After installing this extension, you will be prompted to add your email address, and then it asks you to click Send button to begin.

You’ll get an email from PowerInbox that shows how you can get started, start using games and music. With this extension, your emails become interactive and more useful as now you can perform actions inside the email itself and no need to go anywhere else. For example, for Facebook, you can comment on posts, for Twitter, you can tweet and follow back right from your email and for Instagram, you can view, like and comment on photos. All this is possible from your email inbox directly. PowerInbox definitely saves some clicks.

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You can access the PowerInbox menu from the top of your email by clicking on PowerInbox.

Use Facebook, Twitter and Other Apps Right From Email via PowerInbox

Let’s take an example of how this extension can be useful. As soon as someone follows you on Twitter, you get email notification informing you (if you have enabled notifications).

Click on Sign in as “your username”. Next, you’ll need to authorize PowerInbox to use your account.

Click on “Authorize App”. You’ll now be redirected to the same page that you were on.

From here, you can send a direct message to the user. This DM functionality is added by PowerInbox. This is just one app, but there are several other apps that this extension offers.

PowerInbox offers different apps for sidebar, email and compose section. For example, the Twitter app lets you tweet right from your email.

Here’s a complete list of all the apps offered by PowerInbox.

Sidebar PowerApps

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Unifyo

Email PowerApps

  • Facebook
  • Groupon
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Alerter
  • Boloco
  • Comunicano
  • Kelly Wearstler
  • LinkedIn
  • OmniStrat
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Senexx
  • Showcase
  • Symbyoz
  • TimeTrade
  • TumbleMail
  • Vsnap

Compose PowerApps

  • YouTube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos

PowerInbox works with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. The plethora of apps that this extension offers lets you save time and power up your inbox. You can easily respond to your social networking notifications right from inbox which really saves time. Those who have enabled email notifications will find this extension very useful.

The sidebar that this extension adds is also very useful. You can always stay in touch with your social networks from the sidebar. Give it a shot from the below link.

Install PowerInbox