Twitter Acknowledges Facebook Integration With Hashtags and Photos

Twitter Acknowledges Facebook Integration With Hashtags and Photos
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Twitter Acknowledges Facebook Integration With Hashtags and Photos

Social media giant Twitter is integrating with another social media giant to enhance the entire internet experience for everyone. Over the last two days or so, Twitter has been allowing hashtags, usernames, photos, and more to show up on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).  The microblogging website finally confirmed it.

A representative for Twitter recently explained that they had to fix many of the issues discovered during the integration process while adding extra features. It’s recommended that people who have both Facebook and Twitter accounts should check their settings on the profile, disconnect, then reconnect their accounts. It’s an awesome way to connect the best of both your social media worlds.

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Twitter Acknowledges Facebook Integration With Hashtags and Photos

Twitter has yet to reach out and connect with Google + and the company’s chief executive officer Larry Page feels left out. Last month during an interview with Charlie Rose, Page expressed his desire to connect with Facebook. He said, “I think it’s been unfortunate that Facebook has been pretty closed with their data.”

The problem here is that Google API needs other services to share their data with them and apparently, Facebook isn’t willing to cooperate.

Twitter’s integration with Facebook is an interesting one. Both websites are the leaders in social media so it’s quite interesting to see a collaborative effort between both sites. Although Facebook has more users overall (900 million of them), this move should increase Twitter visibility and thus more overall users.

However, it’s also important to point out that although many people have accounts on both websites, there are still some vast differences. One key is Twitter’s simplicity: it’s all about the posts or tweets and each one is limited at 140 characters. There are no games, apps, or anything that appears remotely distracting. Facebook is more complex with brand pages, games, and photo albums.  Perhaps its the differences that are enabling both companies to work together.

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