This Site Shows Interesting Results From Facebook & Foursquare

How smart are you? Do you post something that your boss may have problem with? Many people post sensitive status messages on their wall that not all people would love to read. If a person posts such status then he/she should remember to change the privacy options from “public” to custom or friends so that only selected group of people can read and comment on it.

Now here’s a new twist that comes to the scene. A site known as We Know What You’re Doing, created by Callum Haywood, combines data received from Facebook and Foursquare and outputs interesting results.

  • Who wants to get fired?
  • Who’s hungover?
  • Who’s taking drugs?
  • Who’s got a new phone number?

This Site Shows Interesting Results From Facebook & Foursquare

This site simply calls Facebook’s Graph API and outputs the results. Nothing fancy here. The “about” page states that there is a lesson to be learnt from this – don’t publish status updates containing potentially risky material as ‘Public’ because then they have a good chance of showing up in the public Graph API. The site claims that this is not a problem with Facebook, but with your privacy settings. That’s why, its always strongly recommended to keep a check on your privacy settings before sharing that status as public.

The bottom of the page states disclaimer as:

All data is pulled directly from Facebook, it is not censored, and it is publicly accessible via the Graph API. I cannot be held responsible for any persons actions as a result of using this experiment.

If you see any posts on here that are yours and you want them removing, delete them from Facebook first, then they will stop appearing here (may take up to an hour), or contact me to block any posts by you from appearing.

As you’ve seen with this experiment, your information can be accessed by anyone if status is shared as “public”. From now on wards, whenever you share a status update, make sure you’re really comfortable with the group of people that you’re sharing with.

Source: TheNextWeb

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