Samsung Galaxy S III Expected to Reach 10 Million Sold in July

Samsung Galaxy S III Expected to Reach 10 Million Sold in July
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Samsung Galaxy S III Expected to Reach 10 Million Sold in July

Samsung recently announced that their blockbuster new phone, the Galaxy S III, is expected to reach 10 million sold during July.  This new phone appears to be the iPhone’s real contender as another tech firm has finally been able to compete with Apple.

Last week, Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) announced that they were delaying the smartphone’s launch until June 21st after they received “overwhelming demand”.  In addition, CNET gave the Galaxy SIII the Editors’ Choice seal of approval along with four out of five stars.

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Samsung’s success is widely contributed to its popular Galaxy phone series.  In fact, the company said that they have sold 52 million Galaxy phones since their debut in 2010.  That is very impressive and it certainly explains why Apple focuses a lot of attention on Samsung.

However, there is a small issue that Samsung needs to deal with first.  The tech firm has announced that they will be looking into a claim from one Galaxy SIII owner that his phone burned up in the car.  Other than this incident, there have been no issues with the phone so far.

Samsung continues to be an impressive contender with Apple.  While these two tech firms have been filing lawsuit after lawsuit against each other, Samsung won a huge case last week in which the Judge decided that Apple would not be able to block Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy SIII.  This is a major loss for Apple because of the company’s announcement of hitting 10 million sold in July.

Apple also lost a case against Motorola last week which was also another big case, as it would have limited Android’s reach somewhat.  However, the Judge dismissed the case and it is another unfortunate series of events for Apple.

While Apple may be going through a little rough patch right now on the lawsuit front, the company’s planned iPhone 5 will absolutely be a blockbuster and potentially downgrade the Galaxy SIII’s success.

In addition, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently unveiled its new Surface tablet which has received a bunch of praise since its unveiling.  This is yet another thing Apple, Samsung and Google have to watch out for as Microsoft seems to be planning on getting into the tablet market, then the smartphone market.

The bottom line here is Samsung’s Galaxy SIII is going to be the hit that everyone thought it was going to be.  The company has already announced that it is likely that its goal of 10 million units sold will be accomplished in July.

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