Samsung Denies Working On Any Facebook-Like Service


Samsung Denies Working On Any Facebook-Like Service

Yesterday there were reports circulating the internet that Samsung was in the works of creating their own social media website.  The report initially came from The Korea Times and was reported to work across several platforms like smart televisions and smartphones.

Just today, Samsung announced that the rumors are not true. The company already has a similar service that was launched in February of this year. The service is called Family Story and it allows families to share photos and other special memories with other people.

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Samsung did admit that they were working on upgrading Family Story but they continually deny that it’s going to be anything remotely like Facebook.

Right now, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) appears to be struggling to stay on top of their game. Just last month, the social media network’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg publically announced his company’s IPO in hopes to increase revenue and further the future of the company. Unfortunately, this move seemed to backfire on Zuckerberg and now investors are afraid to make any investment in the company.

If it’s true that Samsung is trying to make their mark in the world of social media, it’s going to take a lot more than pure ambition if they truly want to be successful.  There going to need to need the right time(and luck) in order to make it happen.  And even if they do decide on creating a competitive social network, they really might want to rethink their plans. They’re have been reports last week that many users are getting bored with Facebook and potentially social media has a whole.  In the next year or two, we could see social media websites follow the path of long-forgotten community forums and chat rooms.

For now, I’m going to go with Samsung on this one. I just don’t see why they would want to create a new social network when there are a dime and dozen of similar website already out there, most of which never end up enjoying the magnitude of success that Facebook does.

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