PC Makers Not Happy On The Launch Of Surface Tablet

PC Makers Not Happy On The Launch Of Surface Tablet
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PC Makers Not Happy On The Launch Of Surface TabletJust two days ago, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) finally unveiled their Surface tablet computer to the press and public but some of the company’s partner PC makers are feeling left out. The company’s chief executive officer Steve Ballmer admitted during an interview that their partner companies knew about their plans to release the new tablet.  But another report from Reuters claimed that Microsoft kept the details of Surface under wraps for three days before the official unveiling. Although on executive made a few calls to certain PC makers, he spared them many of the key details of the launch like when.

A few PC makers even claimed that they were left out in the dark completely. Acer and Asus told Reuters that they were completely unaware of Microsoft’s plans to release the Surface tablet.

The reason why these companies are worried? Microsoft will become a direct competitor because Surface is a complete Microsoft creation. There is now speculation that this tablet will damage the current relationship that Microsoft has with their PC partners.

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The Surface tablet will run on Windows 8 and it will come in two different versions. The first version will feature phone-style chips and the second version will run on Intel-chips for a truly Windows-like experience. Both versions will measure 10.1 inches diagonally which makes it just slightly larger than the iPad.

As I’ve stated before in previous articles, I think Microsoft’s goal of creating the next great tablet computer is quite a lofty ambition because Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has already staked their claim in that market. When people think of tablets, they usually think of the iPad, which happens to be popular for a reason. Not only does this tablet offer the best of what iOS has to offer on a screen that’s significantly larger than the iPhone but it also exceeds expectations with ease-of-use and accessibility to a ton of apps. I really doubt the average iPad user would switch over to another tablet that may or may not take off.


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