Microsoft Surface Tablet May Feature Wi-Fi Only Option

Microsoft Surface Tablet May Feature Wi-Fi Only Option
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Microsoft Surface Tablet May Feature Wi-Fi Only Option


We know that Microsoft has a new tablet computer that’s coming out in the near future but we still don’t know the full specifications for it as the company has yet to release that info.  However, this doesn’t stop people from making speculations about what their new tablet will have.

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Recent reports indicate the Surface will feature short range Wi-Fi and no mobile network connection. This may also change in the future as many customers don’t have wi-fi access.

Microsoft will run Windows 8 on Surface tablets and they hope to become a top competitor for Apple. It’s reported to arrive later this year.

If Microsoft decides go with a wi-fi only tablet, it could hurt their company in the long run. The third generation iPad(which was released in March) gives people options by offering a wi-fi only version or LTE/mobile phone chip version.

The Surface tablet will come in two different versions: 8 Pro and RT.  Although the actual prices have yet to be release, there are some reports of leaked pricing information. The RT reportedly starts at $599 and the 8 Pro reportedly starts at $999.  If this rumor is true, the pricing is certainly on par with Apple’s.

As I have said before, Microsoft is making a huge risk with  their Surface tablets. As everyone knows, The Microsoft and Windows brand are not synomonous with quality. It’s a prime example of you get what you pay for. Apple brand products come with a premium price for a reason. These gadgets are user friendly and come with innovative features that make the user experience more enjoyable.

More importantly, Apple tends to take the time to get their products right. If Microsoft is going to charge as much as the aforementioned reports claim, I sure hope they get this tablet right the first time.

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